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Written and Directed by Dr. Deborah Watson

This a fast moving situation comedy / Drama about a well known Psychologist specializing in Relationship Therapy. She finds her world turned upside and in a bind when she has to face an unspeakable truth that her husband left her. She is presented with a few options, some more ridiculous than others, when she discovers on the eve of her one year anniversary of her third marriage, that her own husband has disappeared without a trace. Coming to terms with this sudden abandonment, she is caught up in a runaway train of deception and perception which serves a convenient but temporary escape from inevitable the pain and humiliation of having been rejected, left and abandoned by her husband “Tyrone”. She is however reminded that while people tend to make their own careless and seemingly selfish decisions, that God is still there and there are people in the midst, who still care.

Empty Theater
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