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Committed to Enriching the Lives of the Community

Under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Andrew Clark Sr., we are proposing The Inner City Life Fitness and F.A.I.T.H. Boot Camp for youth and families who are at risk for early onset of drug use and abuse due to living in geographical areas plagued by a high prevalence for illicit drug use, moral decline, poor health, trauma and crime.  The Inner City Life Fitness and F.A.I.T.H. Boot Camp hereafter referred to as L.F.F.C. is planned as a multi-faceted and holistic faith-based approach to early intervention and prevention services. It will provide inspirational activities with the goal to strengthen the protective and resiliency factors in families pertinent to, delaying, preventing or arresting the use or abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol.
The program will use as its launching pad a strong component of prayer and character development to help families connect back to their spiritual roots or help them plant spiritual seeds as tools for holistic fitness and healthy growth toward an improved quality of life. The program purpose statement is embodied in the F.A.I.T.H. acronym: (F. Faith and Family Matters,  A. Accountability to God and to each other, I. Inspiration and Insight, T. Talent and Teamwork, H. Honesty, Homework and Hard work!).
The LFFC is a family involved interactive afterschool and weekend program of activities that will be used to help families reach a quality level of fitness spiritually, mentally, academically, socially, and physically by trying to re-direct people back the God of their understanding, through connections to church, or other faith based groups, and offering a lively spirited set of activities and program. The services will feature daily prayer and meditation, family support groups, pairing with spiritual mentors, inspirational messages, performing arts opportunities, music appreciation, homes visits and consultation, assistance with homework, and fun with fitness and sports.
There will be ongoing prayerful and persistent encouragement for youth and families to adopt and maintain sober lifestyles. Furthermore, many of the discussions, performing arts presentations and the sports and fitness activities will have as their themes; the harmful consequences of drug use, and the good consequences of prayerful, sober and healthy choices. The overall premise is that as participants build in their faith, feel better about themselves, adopt healthy routines and safe routines in the home,  they will make better choices. We also believe that as youth and adults have alterative spiritually-based lifestyle choices available, it decreases the likelihood that they will choose drugs and alcohol.

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